White Bear Brewing Company

In 1951, Lidefonsas “Joe” Sadauskas took ownership and the brewery was renamed “White Bear Brewing Company.” He produced a Lithuanian-style beer that proved unpopular with local residents. This, combined with Sadauskas refusing to pay a crime syndicate for protection led to big trouble. Once again Thorn Creek was filled with beer, this time dumped by the crime syndicate as retribution. At this point, Sadauskas and his partner were through with brewing and in 1957, the beer brewing stopped at The Well. After 100 years, beer brewing ceased altogether at the historic Thornton brewery. While various businesses would come and go, its heart-the old artesian well-remained, but was forgotten.

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Our dine-in and special events venues continue to be closed in accordance with public health orders during the Covid-19 pandemic. But behind our closed doors, our staff has been busy manufacturing thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer. To date, we’ve supplied 128 different hospitals, emergency service departments, senior living facilities, and various other front line healthcare organizations at no cost. Learn more >

Our Dead Drop Pecan Whiskey, Dead Drop Gin and Dead Drop Dark Rum are now available to purchase. We offer curbside pickup and practice social distancing per CDC guidelines. Please feel free to stop by or if you’d like curbside pick-up, please call 708.877.6222 upon arrival. Please be sure to wear a mask.  Please click here to visit our online store and to place orders for delivery. (Local delivery only and minimum purchase $32.)